This set was such a fun build. Might be my new favorite.

This set was such a fun build. Might be my new favorite.


The build itself is somewhat repetitive but the result is more than worth it! Might be my second favorite set, behind the NES.


The windows were definitely repetitive but I agree the result is worth it!


Just finished mine, it looks amazing next to the other modulars, I thinj doc Ock or daredevil are my favorite figures but I'm not a huge spiderman fan, I just love the set.


I really liked that they included Punisher and Blade too.


Looks awesome!!


Ran to the Lego store in Rockefeller today (the other lego store near me shut down) to buy this with my first ever paycheck, only to see they shut it down for random construction grrrrr! Really can’t wait to cop. Haven’t bought lego since the mystery machine.


Out of the loop, does it connect to other modulars?


It does! It has (very small) alleyways on either side though, so it sort of stands on its own.


I have that same poster behind my Daily Bugle and half our minifigs are in the same place. I feel like my identity’s been stolen


i have that comic book cover but as a poster


Very nice, but imagine if you had that comic book.


Then I could afford all the Legos.


I finished this a few hours ago and absolutely loved it aswell


Finished Mine a couple days ago. So much fun to build. My chassis piece for my taxi was bent, and had stress marks on the corners, making it unbuildable so now i have to wait for a replacement piece.


That’s a bummer. This is actually the first set I’ve built that was missing a piece. It was 1x8 gray plate which luckily I have from other sets so I was able to keep building but I was surprised to see it missing.


I've never seen a set with missing pieces. Good thing you had extra pieces.


Very cool


Does anyone know how big/tall this is? Is it similar height to the Stranger Things set or taller? It’s the next set I’m hoping to buy but don’t know if I’ll have room for it once it’s build, thanks in advance. Absolutely love the build and poster by the way, Spider-Man has always been my favourite so my inner nerd is fangirling so hard at the set up!!!


It’s pretty big at 32” tall. I don’t have the Stranger Things set but I’m pretty sure it’s bigger than that. Definitely worth it, especially if you’re a Spider-Man fan!


They’re calling it one of the biggest buildings ever so


My favorite part of the build is the big TV screen with jj talking to scarlet spider. Like I assume he's on there to defend Peter but like he thought the best way to do that is to be scarlet spider, isn't that like Harley Quinn going on a Wayne TV and trying to get jokers name well received


Amazing fantasy Spider Man


The most troubling thing to build in this set for me is the taxi. I keep screwing ur up somehow and I’ve built legos most my life.