Top Minds think "Big Pharma" is buying ads to discredit... Pharma?

Top Minds think "Big Pharma" is buying ads to discredit... Pharma?


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I miss the old conspiracy guys, I only know one guy who still goes on about fluoride in the water, chem trails, and secret underground civilizations. I actually don't mind him because talking to him is entertaining - These new guys are just angry and triggered by everything.


/r/conspiracy: Furious about fluoride in the water. Indifferent about lead in the water.


This is those people. If you ask the "old conspiracy" *who* is putting fluoride in the water, and *why* (they're) doing it - you'll find that ((they)) are often described using language loaded pretty heavily with dog whistles that could confuse (((them))) with the Jews. Because it's always the Jews. Every single conspiracy, from the Jewish space laser, to Lenin being a mushroom to Big Foot.


"(((The bankers))) of the time hid the underground cities because they were made before (((they))) had control" Or something but with a lot more salad.


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