IF Buddy's body holds up, and please, footy gods, let it hold up ... THEN

IF Buddy's body holds up, and please, footy gods, let it hold up ... THEN


What is with the Brisbane one hahahaha “IF they keep winning THEN they’ll win the premiership” Thanks ~~Lingy~~ Damo


They lost last week, which is bad! But they won lots before that, which is good!


Their forward line can be quite inaccurate... That's bad... But it comes with a free Daniher! That's good!


The Daniher is prone to osteitis pubis .................................... That's bad


Thanks Tubby FTFY


Go Buddy. Stay healthy and get a clean run at finals and something special could happen.


Wtf is with the widespread positivity this week


Must have finally got tired of constantly laying the boot in


Or someone finally gave him that wedgie he really needed.


Phew. Thank God excitement machine Will Day is back tonight. Friday night Footy is saved.


Damo with the drive-by on the Blues in the Eagles section


If Daddy Doker keeps not parodying Damo… Then mark it down: Sliding. Doors. Will. Be. Impossible. To. Keep. Reading. With. It’s. Stupid. Styling.


Not sure that missing our Triple Premiership ruckman who is arguably leading our BnF is a bonus


I would be surprised if this comment is still in the article by the end of the day: >IF ... when doing your tips for round 13 you got to the Friday night game and wondered what the Hawks were doing in that slot . > >..THEN ... I did too. Most of their matches for the past two seasons have been unwatchable. No wonder coaches hate him, unwatchable is one of the worst things you can say about a football club. I doubt the AFL want their website to host an article calling one game per round unwatchable and trying to cancel a football club. Hawthorn may be struggling to win but I've never found their games unwatchable.


no less that if we are throwing around the "unwatchable" tag there isn't a team in the league that hasn't played a proper shite game over the last few years.


It’s also patently off point: the Cats v Pies game is one of the worst games I’ve seen in *years*.


I got excited for a second, clicked, and realized this isn't Freo Dokers Sliding Dawes, my preferred read.


Aged like milk


IF: I thought no one could sound insincere saying they hope Buddy kicks his 1000th this year THEN: I was underestimating the journalistic prowess of Damien Barrett. He sounds like a school principal trying to get people to like him.


On that last point.....Gil for PM


Don't get how you can have anyone but the Demons as flash favorites atm


They didn’t even try with the Bulldogs one, if Naughton doesn’t play good, that’s surprising


I think everyone in the game wants to see buddy get to 1000 goals this season. But I think he'll just fall short he'll miss a few games to rest in parts before finals. Maybe playing another 6- 8 games.